Curry Beans & Rice Recipe (Gluten Free, Top 8 Free, Vegan)

Curry Beans & Rice by The Allergy Chef

It’s another installment of the Beans & Rice recipes that we shared on Monday Night Live a few weeks ago. Today’s version is a delicious curry recipe. I’m a huge fan of all things curry, and the kids love it when it’s kid friendly. Similar to the Kid Friendly Curry Chicken Easy Cooking Video, this recipe doesn’t call for a huge amount of curry, meaning spice-sensitive diners can enjoy this recipe.

Faux BBQ Beans & Rice Recipe  |  Creamy Beans & Rice Recipe

Allergy Status:

Wheat/Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Soy Free, Nut Free, Peanut Free, Yeast Free, Corn Free, Sesame Free, Oat Free, EOE Friendly, Vegan, Nightshade Free Compatible, Cane/Refined Sugar Free Compatible

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