Allergy Inspiration: 18 Layered Cake Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan

18 Layer Cake Gluten Free Vegan by The Allergy Chef

OK, I’ve been wanting to get this posted for a while because dear friends, this gluten free vegan cake is something. Just wow. It was several days work and it was all done for one of our kids who had a birthday. While I can safely say I will NEVER stack top 8 allergy free cakes again (as tiers), it was a great lesson. It was just a great experience. The kids had SO much fun helping on the final stages, and well, even after the cake collapse, they loved eating way too much cake. I’ll also add this: this cake is all about mindset. It’s SO easy to see what everyone else has and think we’ll never have something like it. WRONG. I want you to SEE that we can have it all.

Today you’ll get to see the sped up version of what it takes to create an insanely large birthday cake that’s gluten free, dairy free, egg free and more. If I had to go back and do it all over again, I’d start with a 14″ round as the base, then use the 8″ and 6″ rounds. I would skip the 4″ all together. I may even add in a 10″ or trade the 6″ or 8″ for the 10″ to give a more balanced look.

Fun fact, after making this cake, we bought some new tools and new pans, you know, just in case I feel the need to test things out again. In fact, we made a special Cake! video about one of the new tools 🙂

Video player not working? Click here to watch, right click to download.



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