Costco Kirkland Allergy Status Document (ongoing)

Here is a collection of information that we have directly from Costco customer service regarding the allergy status of their in-house Kirkland brand.

Each status starts with the Costco item number which you’ll need to compare to what’s available to you. Additionally, you can use this info when calling Costco to confirm that nothing has changed before purchasing.

This Is Only a Guide/Reference…

One reason we haven’t done this before with Costco is because we know that they’re using a LOT of third parties to manufacture the Kirkland brand for them. Example, I’ve received information from Costco (in good faith) about a product, but conflicting information from the third party that makes it. In that case, I think it was a lapse in their system when they switched to a new manufacturer.

In another example, I called about product X with shared equipment with most of the majors. A year later, product X was made in a free-from facility. Clearly they had switched again.

I say that to say this: use this document as a guide and still check. We’ve also listed ingredients so you can see right off the bat if the product is worth checking on.

Happy shopping!!

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