Beckon Ice Cream Lactose Free Product Review

Beckon Lactose Free Ice Cream by The Allergy Chef

Earlier this year, the team at Beckon sent us a set of their delicious lactose free ice cream for a giveaway we teamed up for. The Papa sampled all of the ice cream and he’s very picky about ice cream. Spoiler: he loved them… and ate a whole pint the first night! Kinda mean though, because the kids couldn’t sample that flavor…

Beckon Lactose Free Vanilla Ice Cream

It’s good. This is just like any regular full milk ice cream. It’s good, smooth. (he tried to take extra sample bites and I had to stop him).

Beckon Lactose Free Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

The flavor totally matches the package. Ohh that’s what I was tasting! (he then went on about vanilla and chocolate chip and their differences.

The texture was the same as the vanilla, and just as good as any full dairy ice cream. The chococolate chips are not as seet as I would have liked them to be.

Beckon Lactose Free Chocolate Ice Cream

I’m not so excited about this chocolate ice cream. Is is A chocolate ice cream, but it’s not my favorite type of chocolate. It almost has tones of coffee bean, and we all know I don’t like coffee.

Beckon Lactose Free Mint Ice Cream

This is the one I’m excited about because I love me some mint chip ice cream (took a sample bite). I’ll eat this for dinner… it’s not bad. Not bad at all. It’s not the best mint chip I’ve ever had. The cream level is great, just like their other flavors. I would have no problem eating the whole container.

I smelled this flavor and thought it smelled like mint with a hint of something weird. The Papa reassured me it tasted OK.

Beckon Lactose Free Espresso Ice Cream

I took a smell and thought it smelled like glue with hints of nail polish, so synthetic?

The Papa said it would be hard to be positive about something he really doesn’t like. After sampling, he said it has the same coffee aftertaste that people like (that he hates). The smell IS espresso, even though it smells like other things too. I think that could be the actual smell of espresso.

What Two of The Kids Had to Say

They were only able to sample 4 of the flavors, and said they were all good. They didn’t mind that these were lactose free. As I imagined, Kid Four didn’t like espresso and Kid Three enjoyed it.

Final Thoughts

I love that this company is tackling a specific issue with ingredients you can pronounce. If Beckon is in your area, it’s worth a try. I’ve seen them at Whole Foods in the area, and will have to purchase a Mint Chip soon.


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