IG Story Replay: Why We Don’t Believe In Experimenting on Non-Verbal & Children

As some of you may know, we were traveling last week, and it left me incredibly ill. The pain I was in was off the charts. It’s only ever been that bad with cashews (one of my most severe allergies). Words cannot describe the pain I felt, yet, there were no super obvious outward signs of injury. I wasn’t bleeding, a bone wasn’t broken, etc.

As The Papa and I talked about this, he really wanted me to share my opinion with you all, and why we are so against experimenting on children and the non-verbal. Had I been a baby, I would have cried and screamed) for several days, and you wouldn’t have been able to console me, or even know what was really wrong.

With that in mind, we feel that where children and the non-verbal are concerned, things not be done TO them, but WITH them when they are able to consent (and be fully informed).

Today I’ll share what we consider experimenting, the pain I was in, and why we would never want to inflict that suffering on someone else.

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