IG Story Replay: Budget Recap & Costco Haul

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Yesterday I asked about budget after having a conversation with a friend. I learned quickly JUST how important budget is to everyone. Our family couldn’t survive on some of the budgets people are working with.

I also wanted to make sure that people know allergy-focused brands are NOT making a profit off of safe food. They aren’t price gouging or trying to make us miserable. As many of you know, we operate a bakery, which gives us knowledge in so many areas where allergies are concerned.

Remember supply and demand? We learned about it in high school and/or college and those laws still apply. When you factor in the size of the customer base, cost of goods, and various other things, it costs considerably more to produce allergy friendly foods made on free-from equipment. We talked more about this in the recent Roundtable.

I’m also sharing our Costco Haul. Given the state of the world, I don’t get out to shop the way I use to. I also don’t shop the same either. Our Costco trips are a lot less about snacks and convenience, and are more about raw materials.

In addition the items we purchased, I’ll show you items we found interesting with some of the labels.

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