IG Story Replay: Nutrient Density

Instagram Story Replay with The Allergy Chef

Today we’re talking about nutrient density. It’s an important topic that needs to be covered a bit more in our opinion. For those who remove 1 – 2 food groups, it’s not too difficult to replace the nutrition. For those who have 30 safe ingredients to work with, it’s a lot harder. Everyone will be tackling the issue in a way that’s unique to them.

Nutrient density in food is a passion of mine, and some say that learning more about food and how it’s processed is a silver lining of living with dietary restrictions. Many people, after learning loads of info on their restrictions, start to eat foods that are better for them.

Take a dive with me and learn a bit more about what goes on in this mind of mine. We’ll also be talking about balance, fun foods for kids, inclusion, and how safe food is great food.

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