IG Story Replay: Crash Course ~ Top 8 Allergy Free

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It’s Day 2 of Crash Courses and I’ve realized something: I don’t like Crash Courses anymore… It was incredibly difficult to condense hours and hours of information into 8 minutes. In fact, I don’t feel justice was served to the topic of top 8 allergy free. Here’s the thing: it’s a BIG topic. As you browse thru RAISE, you’ll notice there are so many resources that tackle these allergens. It’s because there’s a lot of information to digest.

With that in mind, please refer to the brand new Top 8 Allergy Free Toolkit after watching today’s story. Guys, IT IS THE SOLUTION. If you’re new to Top 8 Allergy Free, all of the resources including handy videos are all in one place.

Also, I apologize in advance for my egg rant. That chart just makes me so mad because it leads people to believe something that isn’t true.

Today, some topics include:

  • What are the US Top 8 Allergens
  • Coconut
  • Celiac Disease
  • Top 8 Free Tips
  • Legumes
  • Can you prevent food allergies?
  • A brief talk about OIT
  • Protein
  • Specific products

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