Food Allergy Help 101: Toddlers

Food Allergy Help 101: Toddlers by The Allergy Chef

Raising toddlers is hard work. Raising a child with food allergies is also hard work. Combine the two and it’s a recipe for frustration and exhaustion. We’ve been a food allergy family for more than 20 years and have been where you are right now.

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In this mini e-course The Allergy Chef will help you through the basics of food allergies and toddlers. This course will cover a range of topics including:

  • Food Allergy Symptoms in Toddlers & Language They May Use
  • My Toddler Refuses to Eat What I Serve: A Brief Look at Picky Eating
  • Toddler With a Wheat Allergy: Avoiding Wheat/Gluten and Substitutions
  • There’s Nothing to Feed My Toddler With Food Allergies: Finding Safe & Creative Foods
  • Toddler With a Dairy Allergy: Avoiding Dairy and Substitutions
  • Is Preschool Safe For Toddlers with Food Allergies

Please note that this course will not cover baby lead weaning. Whilst there will be brief mention of new allergies, this course will not go in depth on obtaining a diagnosis. For more information on that topic, please see our Allergy Seminar Diagnosis Journey Series.

If you need help in other areas and you’re just staring out, be sure to check out all of the Food Allergy Help 101 courses.

Detailed Topic List

  • Toddler Refusing Food
  • Maintaining Perspective
  • Major Allergens
  • How Kids Talk About Reactions
  • Gluten Free and Allergy Friendly Toddler Snacks
  • Social Settings
  • Allergens Outside the Top 9
  • Additional Resources

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