Allergy Seminar Replay: Class Parties & More

Cookie Monster Cake

It’s that time of year again! When parents can’t seem to catch a breath between all of the parties, baking, laundry, dishes, more parties, holiday planning, shopping, and a few more parties. Is it next year yet?

Join us as we share recipes and tips on how you can help your child party like a boss (safely). Topics we will cover during this Allergy Seminar:

  • Planning, more planning, and even more planning
  • Communicating with teachers, parents, and coworkers
  • Signing up for potluck meals
  • Prepping, Storing, Freezing
  • Excluding food, not people
  • Keeping children as safe as possible during a party

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Date: Sunday, November 18

Time: 5:30pm PST

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