Adjusting Your Mindset: Easy vs Convenient

5 Ways To Shift Your Mindset by The Allergy Chef

Today we’re going to be talking about mindset, which if you ask me, is half the battle once you have your diagnosis. Here’s the thing: our mind is incredibly powerful and can be one of our greatest assets or one of our greatest enemies. Let’s take a look at why this life isn’t as “hard” as we think it may be.

Definition of Hard

Hard (adjective): Done with a great deal of force or strength; requiring a great deal of endurance or effort.

There are other definitions in reference to other terms, but these are the definitions that apply to us today.

Definition of Easy

Easy (adjective): Achieved without great effort; presenting few difficulties. A period of time or a way of life that’s free from worry or problems.

Definition of Convenient

Convenient (adjective): Involving little trouble or effort; situated to allow easy access to; occurring in a place or at a time that is useful.

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This Life is Easy. This Life is Not Convenient.

By “this life” I’m referring to people who either manage dietary restrictions for themselves, or manage someone else in their household. No matter which boat you fall in (or perhaps you’re in both) this life will not be convenient.

Notice I said convenient. The truth is, this life IS easy. There’s a key difference in that logic and mindset and that’s what we’re going to tackle today.

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