IG Story Replay: Friendly Reminder Not to Experiment

You may have heard me talk about this previously, but I’m a firm believer that we should not experiment on children and non-verbal people with food allergies (or intolerance). Consent is so important in my opinion. I would certainly rather have something done WITH me rather than TO me.

In today’s stories, I share more of my own personal journey, and I go through life most days in pain. I am able to verbalize it, and can generally determine the trigger food. However, I would never want to see this kind of pain inflicted on someone else for any reason.

I will add, I don’t view OIT et al as a form of experimenting as it’s under a doctor’s supervision, numerous tests are done, and it can be stopped (or not started) if it isn’t deemed safe. On the flip side, if your child tests as allergic or intolerant to something and a doctor says “it’s OK to feed it to them since the numbers are low” THAT is experimenting in my book.

You can learn more about this topic here, along with resources on food intolerance.

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