IG Story Replay: Allergic To Everything aka Food Prep

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Today I’ll be taking you into my world… allergic to everything. People often ask me what it’s like. Sometimes it’s a strange question to me because I’m so use to it. Like… asking a fish what it’s like to live in water. It just does. You’ll join me in the kitchen for a great pep talk along with fun food prep. Also, the ice cream… I really want more! The good news is, many of you RAISE Members saw the ice cream and wanted details. I didn’t write anything down, so now I have a perfect excuse to make more, lol.

Let’s Talk About Prep

If you’ve been keeping up with the Kid Four Menu series, you’ll know that prep makes all the difference in the world. The greatest benefit to prep in my opinion is that you do it on a calm day so the busy days FEEL easy. I generally prep Sunday afternoon or Monday morning. There’s no real distractions, and I schedule myself for less work in other areas to make sure I’m not too tired after.

In the past year (but more-so the past 3 months) I have been non-stop exhausted. There are days when lifting a water bottle takes more than it should. I also do really well in the mornings (this is why it’s important to know yourself well). Come dinner time, I’m ready to tap out. In fact, most days, I take a nap before making dinner for everyone because I’m just too tired.

I share that to say this: the power of prep is incredible if you have a very busy family, or manage exhaustion. Yet, the power goes even further. Let’s say you’re a foodie at heart who loves to get creative in the kitchen. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a load of fresh ingredients prepped and ready to go?? When you utilize prep, you can grab what you want and create to your heart’s desire! Turns out I’m in all three clubs, and that’s OK.

Friends, prioritize meal prep because in a round-about way, it’s a form of self-care. It’s going to make cooking so much easier and faster, and while there are days you may feel like you don’t want to prep, you’ll thank yourself each night when dinner feels like it’s grab-and-go.

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