Food Allergy Help 101: Snacks

Food Allergy Help 101: Snacks

Let’s face it, if you’re managing a household, someone is always asking you for food. Snacks can be a real lifeline for kids and adults, so this course is going to help you tackle the snack attack when managing food allergies.

If you need help with other meals and you’re just staring out, be sure to check out all of the Food Allergy Help 101 courses.

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Topics in This Course

Part 1

  • Welcome
  • Ditch Traditional Foods
  • OK to Skip Store Bought Options

Part 2

  • Snacks That Satisfy
  • Nutrition Element

Part 3

  • Time or Money
  • Picking Money
  • Picking Time
  • Budget Tips

Part 4

  • Know Your Allergens
  • Shared Equipment
  • Shared Facility
  • Processing Aide
  • Making Choices
  • Tips & Brands

Part 5

  • Batch Cooking
  • Freezer Snacks
  • Long Shelf Life Snacks
  • Planning

Part 6

  • Snacks on the Go
  • Snacks for Sports

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