Allergy Seminar Replay: Menu Planning & Grocery Shopping

Gluten Free Fried Rice by The Allergy Chef

If you’re busy and you know it clap your hands 🙂 That seems to be the common theme these days. Between sporting events, homework, catching up with friends, and alllll the things, there’s so little time to get the important things done. Boy do we get that. Having four kids meant that one way to keep things sailing smoothly was effective meal planning and grocery shopping.

In today’s Allergy Seminar, we’re going to share with you how to go through the process of creating a good meal plan that meets your needs. We’ll also show you how to save the most time when grocery shopping too.

Topics for this Allergy Seminar include:

  • Accounting For Needs & Preferences
  • Accounting For Busy Schedules
  • Menu Planning
  • Food Prep
  • Physical & Online Shopping
  • The Joy of Leftovers
  • Meals That Do Double Duty

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Date: Sunday, September 1

Time: 4pm PST

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