Cake Decorating – Simple Chocolate & Vanilla Cake

Gluten Free Vegan Cake by The Allergy Chef

Honestly, I want to call this Empowered Cake. There are times when I receive a super special order at the bakery, and this was one of them. Creating cakes for birthday kids really means so much to us. It’s SO hard to live with food allergies as an adult. It can be even harder for kids.

They struggle with inclusion and mixed feelings daily. When we can step in and if only for a day help that child feel 100% included and totally special, it brings a HUGE smile to our faces.

So why the smiley faces?

I’m so glad you asked. This cake was requested by parents of a young child, newly diagnosed. In an effort to make their house more allergy friendly, they put pink smiley faces on all of her safe food (pink is currently her favorite color). They wanted her to see the cake and KNOW it was made just for her.

Since enjoying this cake, she has become a regular around here, and even though she’s only a few years old, she knows that when her parents get to a certain point on the highway, they’re “going to get cake!”. There is no greater compliment.

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