Allergy Seminar: Introducing New Foods to Kids & Teens

Allergy Seminar Introducing New Foods to Kids and Teens

In this Allergy Seminar, we’ll share information on hot you can go about introducing new foods to kids (age 6+) and teens with food allergies. The information still applies if it’s a non-allergy restriction, but some of the steps you’ll be able to skip.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Getting Kids and Teens on Board
  • Informed Consent
  • Managing Expectations
  • How to Select Which Foods to Try
  • Things to Do Before The First Bite
  • Managing Food Fear, Food Hate, Food Anxiety (For Kids and Parents)
  • What a Food Trial Looks Like
  • Journaling
  • Successes and Failures
  • Incorporating Successful Foods
  • How to Encourage Kids & Teens
  • Keeping Them Involved

Date: Thursday, February 3, 2022

Time: 5pm PST

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