How To Deep Fry With a T-Fal FR8000

T-Fal Deep Fryer

Time to talk about deep frying. Deep frying is considered a dry heat cooking method, as there’s no water involved. In fact, it’s steam that cooks your food. I know. Totally rad, right? The main two ways to deep fry at home are the pot method and a deep fryer.

With the pot method, you’ll use a heavy bottomed pot along with a thermometer (not the gun style) to fry your food. Today however, we’re going to focus on my personal favorite: the deep fryer.

We have the T-Fal FR8000 and it frys like a dream. Honestly, I wish I had purchased it sooner, not that we deep fry a lot. I used the pot method for a very long time and finally decided to make the transition. The biggest benefit in my opinion is the oil filtering.

Here’s a video that goes into further detail on how to use the unit, and the benefits. We enjoy using our unit for items such as potato chips, churros, doughnuts, and chicken nuggets. There’s other things we make as well, but those are the most popular.

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