Free From Baking Basics: Flavoring Agents

Free From Baking Basics: Flavoring Agents

We’ve all heard it before: I don’t like it. It’s too bland. It’s too this or that… Here’s what I can tell you after running a successful top 8 free, gluten free, vegan bakery: go big or go home. Yes friends, if we skimp on flavor, we won’t like the end result.

Funny story. When I was working towards my French Pastry Certification, I made some new treats for the kids to try and they really did not like them. The flavors were too delicate for them. If you’ve eaten delicate pastries your whole life, this advice may not apply to you as much. For the rest of us, go bold.

Today I’ll be sharing lots of different flavoring agents you can use to enhance your free from baking. By using these items in the right ratios (more on that below), you’ll end up with treats you love.

Some Basic Information on Ratios and Applications

Food Grade Oils: Less is more. With peppermint oil, 4 drops in a whole batch of frosting is all you need. Also, we prefer to brush the outside of baked goods with the oil rather than put it in the recipe. The flavor gets lost when baked in.

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