Corn Free Course: Navigating Everyday Life

Bowling with The Allergy Chef

If you’re new to living with a corn allergy (or managing a newly diagnosed child) you have my condolences. Along with soy, corn is one of the hardest allergens to avoid. Corn. Is. Everywhere. It means that you’ll have to learn a whole new way to live, especially if you have a severe corn allergy.

This Corn Free Course will come from the viewpoint of a severe allergy. If you are corn-lite, can touch corn, don’t have issues breathing corn by-products, etc., the topics may not be items you need to worry about. That doesn’t mean you won’t find today’s course enjoyable though.

Topics for this Corn Free Course include:

  • Waking Up to Corn Free Living
  • Managing Corn Inside Your Home
  • How to Read Labels
  • How to Grocery Shop
  • Leaving The House Safely
  • Socializing
  • Safety First
  • Knowing Your Limits
  • Working Outside Your Home

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Date: Saturday, January 18

Time: 9:30am PST

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