Expert Interview: Dr. Ratika Gupta, MD (Allergist)

Dr. Ratika Gupta

Join me as I interview an amazing allergist, Dr. Ratika Gupta. We’ll be discussing topics that many parents feel they can’t get a straight answer on. This interview covers:

  • Types of Allergy Testing
  • Studies on Food Allergies
  • Outgrowing Food Allergies
  • How to Find a Good Allergist
  • What’s the Eczema Connection? Is it Always Food? Treatment Options?
  • Non-Protein Allergy
  • Non-Anaphylaxis Symptoms & Signs of Allergy and Intolerance in Babies

Dr. Gupta, in addition to being an awesome allergist has also developed a skin cream for eczema called Be Baby. Be Baby also has a great Instagram profile with educational information on eczema.

You can also find Dr. Gupta’s book on Amazon. It’s called What? I Could be Allergic to That?! You can find more information on food allergies on her Instagram profile as well.

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