Gluten Free, Allergy Friendly Holiday Gift Guide for 2021

2021 Gluten Free Allergy Friendly Holiday Gift Guide by The Allergy Chef

It’s that time of year where we think about awesome gifts for our kids, friends, and family members. I’ll be sharing some tasty gluten free and allergy friendly gifts, as well as some non-food options as well.

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Gluten Free & Allergy Friendly Stocking Stuffers

Amore di Mona Luxury Chocolate

Why We Love Them: This is one of the only top 8 free AND refined sugar free options on the market right now. However, these guys really out did themselves. Their packaging is WOW, and the flavours on offer are so unique. You can watch our review here.

Extra Allergen Info: Amore di Mona is gluten free, vegan, top 8 allergy free.

Visit their website.

Amore di Mona Top 8 Free Chocolate
No Whey Chocolate Holiday Signature Collection

No Whey Chocolates

Why We Love Them: Whilst the kids don’t love every product on offer (read our No Whey candy review here), they have SUCH an awesome range. No Whey will always hold a special place in my heart because through their product, Kid Two was able to have an “M & M” for the first time in his life. Honestly, just love these guys to bits.

Their Signature Seasonal line is gorgeous, and perfect for gifting. Watch our video review of the seasonal candy.

Extra Allergen Info: No Whey offers a range of treats that are all gluten free, vegan, top 8 allergy free, and sesame free. Their facility is dedicated.

View the seasonal candy.

Partake Foods

Why We Love Them: The kids LOVE the birthday cake cookies (read our cookie review here), and this year, Partake has launched holiday tins. Also, their cookies can be used to make the cutest ornaments ever.

Watch our Limited Edition cookie review here.

Extra Allergen Info: Partake is gluten free, vegan, top 8 allergy free, sesame free, and is made in a GF + Top 9 Free facility.

Visit their website.

IMG_E2755-kedit partake limited edition holiday cookiesS
Pascha Chocolate Bars

Pascha Chocolate Bars

Why We Love Them: Another company that has gone above and beyond for the free-from community. In addition to a lovely range of chocolates, Pascha also has a white chocolate bar you may enjoy.

If you have a corn free person on your holiday list, the Pascha Pure Dark line (100% cacao, no extra ingredients) is a truly corn free product.

Extra Allergen Info: Pascha is a GF, V, Top 9 Free company using an exclusive facility. They also have a corn free option.

Visit their website.

Rule Breakers

Why We Love Them: So, don’t tell Kid Two, but I’m going to load up his stocking with these this year. Honestly, this kid FLIPS for Rule Breakers. He’s beyond in love with their cookies and has a hard time deciding which is his fave, though I think it’s birthday cake. It may be time to get a variety pack and have him re-confirm that.

Watch our Limited Edition Cookie Bite review here.

Extra Allergen Info: Rule Breakers is produced in a GF, V, Top 9 Free Facility. By choice, they don’t claim to be soy free since one of their main ingredients is grown near soy. More details on this in our GF AF Product Guide.

Visit their website.

Rule Beaker Cookies
Torie and Howard Chewie Candies

Torie & Howard

Why We Love Them: Honestly, one of my fave companies! I really miss meeting up with them at trade shows because they’re so much fun. Their chewy candies are one of the only options in that niche for free-from families, and the kids say they’re delicious.

T&H also sells hard candies which are AWESOME for melting and using in stained glass cookies.

Extra Allergen Info: Torie & Howard chewy candy is made in a facility that processes nuts, dairy, and soy. They candies are made in a totally separate area from where the allergens are processed and there are safe guards in place including no shared equipment.

Visit their website.

Zego Foods (Bars)

Why We Love Them: Zego bars in my humble opinion make for an awesome stocking stuffer. The kids are currently in love with the Decadence Bar (read the review) which is chocolate and fruit. They say it’s probably the best Zego bar ever made.

Extra Allergen Info: Zego Bars are gluten free, vegan top 8 allergy free, and sesame free. Please get in touch with them if you have a corn allergy as their facility has recently changed, and they’ll need to send you a specific lot.

Visit their website.

Zego Foods Decadence Berry Chocolate Bar

Great Gifts For Under The Tree

The NutraMilk


Why We Love Them: The gift that keeps on giving! We’ve had a NutraMilk for a couple of years and just love it to bits. I can’t say enough good things about them. You can make milk (nuts, legumes, tubers, grains), spreads/butters, and even ice cream (with a little elbow grease). They also have a smoothie bowl if you’d like to use it that way too.

We have the main bowl, smoothie bowl, and 2 of the glass storage containers for our NutraMilk. It’s the BEST appliance for making tiger nut milk (tuber, not a nut). We also use this for oat milk weekly, and usually make 3 batches at a time.

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Why We Love Them: Gluten free and TRULY CORN FREE makeup!! Interestingly, I’ve never been a makeup person, but I do have a few pieces from Bellaphoria. If you thought that makeup was no longer an option due to allergies, go check them out

Also Top 8 Allergy Free and Vegan.

Shop for makeup 🙂

Bellaphoria Corn Free Make Up
Constructive Eating Plate and Utensils

Constructive Eating

Why We Love Them: This is such a fun kit for kids under 10. I mean, our teenagers think they’re super cool too…

Constructive Eating sells a range of plates and utensils along with inserts for some of their plates so you can keep things interesting.

Honestly, I’m low-key angry that these weren’t around when our kids were little because I SO would have had at least 2 sets, and been Photoshopping my own inserts on really cool topics.

Click here to shop.


Kid Craft Bookshelf

Why We Love Them: It’s no secret that I’m huge into academics and organization. With that in mind, I’m also a big fan of books for kids on a range of topics. Reading can unlock a world of imagination, creativity, and more for kids of all ages.

Kid Craft sells THEE Cutest bookshelves which have a seating spot. Additionally, they sell a wide range of products (toys, furniture, and more) for kids of all ages.

Visit Kid Craft on Amazon

Kid Craft Bookcase Fort
Kid Safe Kitchen Knives

Kid Safe Kitchen Knives

Why We Love Them: Give your kids the gift of independence! Learning how to cook is such an important skill for all kids, but it’s critical if your child has a dietary restriction. This is a life skill they’re going to need for forever, so start them out young.

Kid safe knives are safe enough that they won’t cut fingers, but they will cut through produce and other ingredients. You’ll be able to teach your child kitchen safety, knife skills, and cooking techniques.

We’ve heard good things about the nylon style, and Kuhn brand.

Little GF Chefs

Why We Love Them: Don’t let the name fool you!! Little GF Chefs is also Top 8 Allergy Free. This subscription box comes with everything you need to have a fun food project with your kiddos. Some sets come with silicone baking molds, others come with cookie cutters. There’s even a gingerbread house!!

Use the code theallergychef when checking out to save 10%.

Visit their website.

Little GF Chefs Gingerbread House
LEGO Creative Suitcase

LEGO Set Under $25

If you’re new, welcome! We love LEGO. If you’re not new, you know exactly why we couldn’t leave LEGO sets out of the gift guide.

My top pick for a set under $25 is the Creative Suitcase. It’s versatile, excellent for beginners, and comes with instructions that build a lot of different things.

Runners Up:
Race Car Transporter
Dalmatian (soooo cute)

LEGO Set Under $100

My under $100 pick is the LEGO Chess Set because it’s a combination of left and right brain. After your kids have the enjoyment of building the set (and maybe even adding some custom touches to it) they get to learn how to play chess. This set delivers hours and hours of hands-on fun.

Runners Up:
Small Ferris Wheel
Townhouse, Pet Shop, & Cafe

LEGO Chess Set
LEGO Tree House

LEGO Set Under $200

It’s so hard to pick a favourite LEGO set, but personally, this is near the top of my list. We’ve put ours together with the golden/fall leaves like the picture. You also have the option of green leaves.

This set is great for displaying, but there’s also lots of wonderful play features for kids.

Runner Up:
Main Square (super versatile with lots of play features)

LEGO Set Under $300

I’m a HUGE fan of the modular buildings and this LEGO Assembly Square set does not disappoint. We actually have almost all of the modular buildings (don’t have the first 3) and when displayed together, it’s an epic scene.

This particular modular building is almost double the normal size as it’s the 10 year anniversary (of modular building sets) celebration set.

Runner Up:
Home Alone House

LEGO Assembly Square

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