Allergy Seminar 5/12: Food Allergy Tips

Allergy Friendly Tips with The Allergy Chef

Join us for an awesome Allergy Seminar that’s perfect for those who are new to food allergies. We will also be sharing some corn free information for those who are new to living with a corn allergy. While those of you with food intolerances and special diets are invited to join, this seminar will be geared more for food safety and preventing cross contamination etc. During this seminar, topics will include:

  • Ingestion, Contact, and Airborne Allergies
  • What is Cross Contamination
  • What is Cross Reactivity
  • Contamination at Grocery Stores
  • Contamination at Home
  • Pots, Pans, and Other Cooking Tools
  • Sponges & Cleaning
  • Corn Free Pitfalls
  • Common Mistakes
  • Finding Safe Food
  • Questions to Ask Manufacturers
  • School & Office Tips
  • Lunch & Snack Tips

Normally our Allergy Seminars are open only to Platinum & Diamond RAISE Members. However, we feel this information is SO critical that we are inviting EVERYONE to attend the live session. Come loaded with questions!

Date: Sunday, May 12

Time: 4pm PST

Allergy Seminars use the Zoom Meeting Application. If you’re new to Zoom, please allow a little extra time to set it up. Zoom meeting link:

Zoom Meeting ID (in case the link doesn’t work for you): 972 779 180

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