Advanced Search

Welcome To The Advanced Search!

  1. Go down the list and select any combination of check-boxes that meet your needs.
  2. Leave the search box empty
  3. Place your cursor in the search box (as if you were going to type)
  4. Hit return/enter for an “empty search”
  5. The results will show you ALL recipes that meet the requirements
  6. You can type something if you’d like a specific search

This is an AND search form rather than an OR form. That means that the results must meet all the requirements to be shown (ex: corn free AND refined sugar free).

Some of the newer categories are still being filled in. If you’re soy, peanut, egg, dairy, or tree nut free, select the Top 8 Free category only. This is completely filled in at this time.

For faster access to your search results in the future, BOOKMARK your results page. As more recipes are added to RAISE, your search results will load the new items each time to visit the page.

Click below for a how-to video.

RAISE Advanced Search by The Allergy Chef


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